Repair & Replace

Maintain & repair your existing system

Even if JLH (Fabrications) Ltd did not install your gates, we invite you to take advantage of our low-cost troubleshooting and evaluation services, especially if your gate is damaged or not functioning properly. We will determine what is required to bring your system back to proper operating condition and provide an estimate for major repairs, where applicable, prior to performing those repairs. We will also evaluate the safety systems on your gates to ensure they are in compliance with all applicable standards governing gate safety, and will recommend any updates or repairs that may be needed.

Preventive Maintenance

Protect your investment with our Preventive Maintenance Program for your automated gate system. It is our goal to maximise the reliability and minimise repair costs of your system by conducting a thorough inspection and identifying any problems before they result in failure of the gate. All too often we have to perform major repairs that could have been avoided by routine maintenance. Included in our Preventive Maintenance Program is a complete, regularly scheduled inspection, lubrication and adjustment of hinges, chains, rollers, gate arms, emergency disconnects, limit switches, etc., as well as a complete test of all the components of the system including access controls. Electronic circuit boards will be inspected and cleaned, as they must remain free of accumulated dust, spider webs, bird nests and rodent damage in order to continue working properly.

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